WatchGuard APT Blocker

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WatchGuard APT Blocker

Advanced threats, including APTs (advanced persistent threats) and zero day malware, once plagued governments and large enterprises exclusively. Now the target has shifted, with mid-size and small businesses under increasing attack from polymorphic threats that are particularly difficult to detect and extremely dangerous.

Security professionals can defend themselves with APT Blocker. Seamlessly integrated into WatchGuard’s best-in-class UTM platform, APT Blocker utilises a cloud-based next-gen sandbox to protect their most valuable digital assets from evasive, targeted, and zero day attacks.

“Beyond the Sandbox” Full System Emulation

APTs have been designed to evade first-gen detection technology. WatchGuard’s next-gen sandbox utilises full system emulation to simulate physical hardware, exposing malware designed to evade a traditional sandbox.

The service integrates with WatchGuard Dimension™, the big-data style visibility tool that is included with every WatchGuard solution. Dimension distills oceans of log data into actionable security intelligence, providing an instant, single view of advanced threats.

You’ll see which files are blocked and why, along with other top trends, applications and threats covered by WatchGuard security technologies.

File Types Analysed

APT Blocker scans a variety of files including PDFs, Office, and more to protect your network.

WatchGuard Dimension

Dimension, the award-winning security intelligence solution, provides a view into zero day malicious activities, cloud-based visibility into real-time traffic, automated reports, and top-level security dashboards.

What is an APT and am I at risk?

If you are asking yourself these questions read the guidelines on the APT Blocking page.

Data Sheets

WatchGuard APT Blocker Data Sheet

Full coverage

APT Blocker extends protection from the universe of known malware to the unknown, securing your business from today’s constantly evolving threats.

24×7 Visibility

  • Any security activity identified by a service is logged and stored for easy
    reporting so you can take immediate preventive or corrective action.
  • All management tools, including rich reporting and monitoring, are
    included with your WatchGuard firewall purchase. There is no additional
    hardware or software to buy.

Best-In-Class UTM

WatchGuard uses a best-in-class strategy to create the most reliable
security solutions on the market. By partnering with industry-leading
technology vendors, WatchGuard delivers an all-star family of network
security services.

How to purchase

WatchGuard security services are available in single and multi-year
subscriptions. Contact your local authorized WatchGuard reseller
for more information on how to add best-of-class defenses to your
WatchGuard appliance, including bundled services and special

Full coverage

APT Blocker extends protection from the universe of known malware to the unknown, securing your business from today’s constantly evolving threats.

Benefits of buying from Sec-1 Ltd…

Sec-1 Ltd is the leading Platinum Partner for WatchGuard in the UK. Platinum Partner status is given to only those organisations that meet WatchGuards requirements for Value Added Resellers. These requirements include technically trained staff, a full end-to-end service from commercial planning to ongoing support and maintenance, and a proven track record in selling WatchGuard Technologies.

What WatchGuard Platinum Partner status means to you is:

  • Free use of technical planning & consultancy services
  • Access to the best pricing
  • Availability of accredited engineers for design and installation
  • Options for Managed & Assisted Support Services
  • Access to high-end Enterprise appliances
  • Over 15 Years of experience selling WatchGuard