WatchGuard Solutions by Industry

WatchGuard firewall and content management solutions offer every industry the opportunity to implement fast, efficient, high security, and good value technology.

Sec-1 Ltd, a WatchGuard Expert Partner for 13 years have sold and installed countless firewalls across all ranges of industry including:

  • Finance
  • Local & Central Government
  • NHS
  • Education
  • Police
  • Legal

Each installation unique in its own right consumed the firewalls features in a different way from single sites with a single UTM Firewall to an NHS Trust with over 130 sites of interconnecting firewalls and VPNs.

Government installations demand Common Criteria EAL4 certification, NHS VPN inter connectivity must comply with NHS standards and guidelines, Local Government installations need to demonstrate compliance with Architectural Patterns documentation for Walled Gardens and Dual Bastion Firewalls.

All of these requirements, and more, are satisfied by a combination of WatchGuard technology and Sec-1 Ltd know how.

Call us on 01924 284 240 or email to find out more about how Sec-1 Ltd have installed WatchGuard solutions with reference to specific industry requirements.