Installation Services from Trained Professionals

Have you bought a new WatchGuard or own one that needs a review? Are you in need of some advice? We can help.

Our technical services team are available for onsite installations, remote configuration, trouble shooting and support. Don’t be stuck, take the easy route and give us a call.

Firewalls are essential since they provide a single point of protection & control between your assets and who or what can access them. A properly configured modern firewall with advanced security features and logging and auditing functions can provide protection from phishing attacks, malware, and Denial of Service attacks and the control of management functionality for spotting usage trends for operational improvements.

WatchGuard products are designed to be simple to manage however their vast range of features and configuration options make it a potential mine field for those new to the software.
For your convenience, peace of mind, and security we provide design, installation, and configuration services by Accredited WatchGuard Systems Engineers.

Our services cover installation across the entire WatchGuard product range, call us to find out more.

Service Benefits

  • Professional configuration tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • Maximum security protection from the systems features
  • Low overall cost of deployment – it will be right first time!