Reputation Enabled Defence

WatchGuard ReputationAuthority blocks more than 98% of spam, malware, and emerging threats before they enter your network.



WatchGuard Reputation Enabled Defence

Reputation Enabled Defence is a fully integrated security subscription for all WatchGuard XTM appliances that protects web users from malicious web pages, while dramatically reducing web processing overhead.

Why add this subscription to your XTM solution?

Your organisation will have faster web performance and stronger security. Administrators will find it simple to manage through the centralized console or web UI of any XTM security appliance. And because Reputation Enabled Defence is integrated with the XTM appliance, you’ll have another powerful layer of defence in a single cost-effective solution – with no additional hardware to buy. Bundle it with the complete suite of XTM security subscriptions for even greater savings and comprehensive protection.

Quick Facts

  • Next-Generation Web Reputation – aggregates data from multiple feeds, including industry-leading anti-virus engines, for real-time protection from web threats
  • Alleviates AV Processing – traffic to URLs with a bad reputation will be blocked immediately, freeing up your box to do more important tasks instead of constant AV scanning
  • Flexible Management – Reputation Enabled Defence can be managed with either the centralised console or the web UI for maximum flexibility

Data Sheets

Reputation Enabled Defence Data Sheet
WatchGuard XTM Security Subscriptions Datasheet


Faster, more productive web surfing

Reputation Enabled Defence speeds up browsing because it eliminates the need to scan all web traffic for threats. URLs with a good reputation score can safely bypass AV scanning.

  • Local cache of reputation scores allows for quick processing of URLs
  • More efficient use of appliance resources enables greater user capacity
  • Up to 50% of URL scanning can be skipped without compromising security, resulting in faster browsing times and greater throughput at the gateway

Flexible management and rich reporting

IT administrators use one interface to manage this subscription along with all other WatchGuard XTM security services. Reputation Enabled Defence can be managed with either the intuitive, centralised console or the handy web UI for maximum flexibility.

  • IT administrator can configure the thresholds for reputations
  • Comprehensive reports are included that show administrators the impact of Reputation Enabled Defence in their environments.