WatchGuard AP100 – Fast Wireless Access Point

WatchGuard AP100 access point for simple and secure wireless networking.

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WatchGuard AP100

The power and security of WatchGuard firewalls can be extended to provide your users with flexible wireless connectivity simply by adding a WatchGuard Wireless Access Point. Centrally managed by your existing WatchGuard firewall, WatchGuard Access Points provide fast (upto 600 Mbps) data rates and allow you to extend and enforce the security polices of your wired network over Wi-Fi.

With rapid auto-discovery installation and no additional licensing it couldn’t be easier and more affordable to introduce secure wireless networking to your organisation.

Quick Facts

  • Low total cost of ownership – your firewall is your wireless controller and the access points are free of license charges
  • Easy installation, simply wire the WatchGuard AP100 into your existing network and the firewall will do the rest with auto device discovery
  • Employ all of the security provided by your firewalls UTM features including Gateway Antivirus and Intrusion Prevent, APT Blocker, Application Control
  • Fast flexible connectivity with 600 Mbps data rates, dual 2.4GHz/5Ghz radio
  • Manage Guest User access with Captive Portal

Extend best-in-class UTM security to the WLAN

Protecting against today’s sophisticated blended threats requires multiple security capabilities, and these threats don’t discriminate between a wired or wireless network path to their targets. WatchGuard AP100, AP102 and AP200 devices meet this challenge by extending best-in-class UTM security – including application control, intrusion prevention, URL and web content filtering, virus and spam blocking and more – from the Firewall to the WLAN. With the WatchGuard AP100, AP102 and AP200, businesses can harness the power of mobile devices and wireless networking – both indoors and outdoors – without putting network assets at risk.

Integrate wired and wireless security policies

Firebox integrated wireless controller technology combined with WatchGuard’s AP100, AP102 and AP200 wireless access points allow users to easily apply security policies to wired and WLAN resources simultaneously , which is critical to enforcing security standards across the entire network infrastructure. And updating integrated policies couldn’t be simpler – creating huge IT time and cost savings.

Unified device management

Unified device management tools offer a “single pane of glass” view into network security activities and allow users to configure and manage their AP100, AP102 and AP200 wireless access points and XTM devices from one place – reducing both setup time and maintenance costs.

Data Sheets

WatchGuard Access Points – Datasheet

Your WatchGuard Access Point (AP) device is an extension to your Firebox or XTM device. You can connect one or more WatchGuard AP devices to your network to enable wireless access, expand the wireless range of your network, and enable wireless access to different security zones in your network. You configure and manage your AP devices through the Gateway Wireless Controller on your Firebox or XTM device.

Best-in-Class UTM Extended to WLAN

  • No additional licensing costs
  • MAC filtering, client reporting, PCI compliance

Simple, Unified Device Management for XTM and AP

  • Familiar WSM and XTM WebUI management
  • Integrated wired and wireless security policies
  • Automatic device discovery, simplified device registration

Powerful, Flexible, Fast, and Affordable

  • Data rates up to 600 mbps
  • Powerful 2.4GHz/5GHz radio for great coverage
  • Up to 16 SSID
  • Captive portal, simple roaming, auto channel selection