WatchGuard Dimension

WatchGuard Dimensions is a data visualisation tool that turns firewall logs into information you can use to spot trends, identify threats, and manage your network.


WatchGuard Dimension

Oceans of log data make it nearly impossible to identify key issues without a data management and visualisation tool to help out. Without analytics data is just data, with analytics data becomes information that you can use to make quick and informed decisions on policy changes, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and improve your internet security defences.

WatchGuard Dimension comes standard with WatchGuard’s Unified Threat Management platform and is up and running with just a few clicks. Within seconds you will be setting network baselines, tracking and pinpointing key security issues and trends, identifying top clients and correlated views of top users and applications.

Quick Facts

  • Use Threat Map to quickly identify by location where threats are coming from including:
    • Denied Packets
    • Intrusion Prevention Service
    • Web Traffic
    • Application Control
    • All Traffic
  • Find patterns and make Better Decisions
  • Maintain compliance
  • 77 preconfigured reports
  • Compliance reporting including PCI DSS and Cyber Essentials

Flexible & Powerful

Protection is provided by the firewall, its add-ons and the quality of the configuration. Many organisations find themselves in this position and are still the subject of an attack and have lost data as a result. With protection now not enough, detection needs to be high on the agenda. Monitoring must be in place to make it possible to spot a breach.

WatchGuard Dimension provides exactly that. Set up quickly alongside a WatchGuard Firewall, WatchGuard Dimension immediately provides a window into your data allowing you to make decisions about your configuration that would not have been otherwise possible.

ThreatMap provides a visual display of the sources of all data passing through your gateway. Inbound and Outbound connections to obscure locations stand out like a beacon once you have become accustomed to understanding your environment in this new way.

Screen shots from the great reports on WatchGuard Dimension

WatchGuard Dimension offers several ways to view your data including the 4 illustrated here. Threat Map, Executive Dashboard, Firewatch, and Policy Map

Then Take Action with WatchGuard Dimension Command

New! Dimension Command is our new suite of management tools for WatchGuard Dimension. With it, IT pros don’t just see what’s happening on the network, they can take immediate action right from the dashboard. Contact your authorized WatchGuard reseller to see a demo and get details on an introductory one-year subscription promotion.

Zero Install

No complicated setup is required. Simply deploy a virtual appliance – includes OS, database, utilities, and WatchGuard server software – and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes.

Public and Private Cloud-Ready

You can deploy it in a public or private cloud, or on your server, desktop, or laptop. No need to install, maintain, and patch an operating system. No need to maintain dependencies between version of operating systems, databases, and the WatchGuard server software.

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WatchGuard Dimension instantly turns raw network data into actionable security intelligence. It gives you the ability to see and understand how to protect your business, set tight security policy, and meet compliance mandates.

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Data Sheet

WatchGuard Dimension Datasheet


Enterprise Networking Planet – Dimensions Review


Executive Dashboard:

This high-level view of network activity shows top trends, top clients, and correlated views of top users and applications.  With just a click, users can drill all the way down to individual log data, as needed.

Executive Reporting:

With the Executive Reporting function, users can choose from more than 70 comprehensive reports, with both summary and detail options tailored for C-level executives, IT directors, compliance officers and small business owners.  Summary report options include specific PCI and HIPAA and compliance reports, plus the ability to pre-schedule reports for delivery to key stakeholders in a user’s organisation.

Hierarchical TreeMap:

WatchGuard Dimension’s TreeMap, called FireWatch, filters traffic in a way that instantly brings your eye to the most critical information on active users and connections, as well as who and what is using the most bandwidth. The TreeMap view also provides options to pivot, drill-down, and filter.

Global ThreatMap: 

ThreatMap features multiple, interactive configurable views on a world map, making it possible to have real-time views of threats per region.  That information is critical to helping users identify and fine-tune defences against those attacks.