WatchGuard Gateway Wireless Controller

With the Gateway Wireless Controller, you can monitor the connection status and activity on your WatchGuard AP devices. You can also monitor and manage the client connections to your WatchGuard AP devices.


WatchGuard Gateway Wireless Controller

Every product in the WatchGuard XTM range is capable of being used as a Controller for a wireless network consisting of WatchGuard Access Points.

To discover and manage the WatchGuard AP devices you add to your network, use the Gateway Wireless Controller on your XTM device.

The Gateway Wireless Controller on your XTM device enables you to:

  • Pair WatchGuard AP devices on your network with your XTM device
  • Configure SSIDs and WatchGuard AP device settings
  • Monitor the paired AP devices and wireless client connections
  • Initiate a site survey from the WatchGuard AP device to detect other wireless access points
  • Deploy guest management functionality with Captive Portal

 Quick Facts

  • Runs from the Firebox System Manager for the XTM device that manages your AP devices
  • Review the summary details for the Gateway Wireless Controller for a quick view on your wireless estate
  • Review the status of the AP devices managed by this XTM device
  • Complete any necessary tasks related to your AP devices
  • Review the status of the clients connected to the AP device

Data Sheets

WatchGuard Access Points – Datasheet