WatchGuard M440

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WatchGuard M440

The WatchGuard M440 firewall fits into organisations that have a need to segment their networks in order to maintain compliance, or to separate business functions. In large environments segmentation improves efficiency by enabling you to create small broadcast domains. Simple configuration and high port density provides all organisations with the control to get more bandwidth out of an existing unsegmented network.

With 6.7Gbps of Http throughput and 3.2Gbps VPN speeds the WatchGuard M440 ensures that your services are available and delivered at optimal performance to your local and remote users.

WatchGuard have maintained their focus on best of breed software and supported it with best of breed hardware. High quality, trusted and reliable Intel processors are still at the heart of WatchGuard Appliances. With WatchGuard there will never be a compromise on security or availability.

Increased port density and Power over Ethernet on the WatchGuard M440 consolidates rack space and reduces capital spend by combining the firewall and wireless network controller into one single appliance.

Key features:

Highest UTM performance

    • 6.7Gbps firewall throughput
    • 1.6 Gbps UTM throughput i.e. when all Security Modules are switched on – this is where the real peace of mind is delivered
    • High port density with Gigabit Ethernet LAN availability and Fibre or copper SFP Gigabit WAN connectivity
    • 8 x 1 Gigabit Copper Power over Ethernet (PoE 802.3at 25W per port)

Easy Management

    • RapidDeploy ensures that your focus is on cost effective and consistent deployment of a good security policy rather than the chaos of visiting each of your sites to power and setup the local device
    • WAN and VPN failover, essential to maintain availability
    • WatchGuard Dimensions for full operational and security analytics

Best of Breed Security

Security where you need it

Usage of the internet of things has caused network traffic to soar to unprecedented levels. Users browsing rich internet feeds, mobility and social networking sites are now doing so with legitimate business interests…how many of us can cut off LinkedIn for example?

Problems will arise and its down to that which you can’t see…encrypted traffic. Industry expectations see connection speeds climbing at over 42% per year and that within that the proportion of bandwidth hungry encrypted traffic is expected to increase too. Nation States, hackers and the Snowden revelations have the world running to encryption for a vastly more secure way of sharing our most prized assets.

Why is it a problem? Encrypted traffic is rarely scanned for viruses, malware, even for the unauthorised transmission of sensitive information. Encrypted traffic clogs up firewalls and bandwidth too so commonly the only solutions are to either block sites (and have users up in arms) or allow it through knowing that you can’t scan it because your firewall will begin smoking…until now.

The WatchGuard M440 appliance shows speeds of 61% faster than other similarly priced and specification competing technologies…WITH all the security modules switched on.

Why is the WatchGuard M440 different?

The M Series of firewalls from WatchGuard including the WatchGuard M400, WatchGuard M440, and WatchGuard M500 all sport the same WatchGuard Fireware operating system built on the latest generation of processors from Intel. WatchGuard selected Intel technology so that they could make use of QuickAssist Acceleration Technology. Its uniform means of communication between applications, accelerators, and accelerator technologies allows WatchGuard to satisfy the growing complexity of security applications and provide the resources to support the workloads of cryptography, data compression, and pattern matching.

Harnessing this technology places WatchGuard M Series appliances as the No. 1 choice for mid sized organisations and distributed networks.


WatchGuard M440 firewalls are easy to manage once they are in place however for that peace of mind that you are as secure as possible from the start you should consider a professional installation. Our engineers are available to fulfil this for you. For more information see the Installation and Configuration services we provide.

Support & Training

Sec-1 Ltd provide a variety of aftersales support options including Assisted Support, Managed Services, hardware replacement warranty and accredited WatchGuard Training courses. For further information see the following pages:

WatchGuard Managed Service

WatchGuard Assisted Support

WatchGuard Certified Training Course


WatchGuard LiveSecurity Subscription and add-on security subscriptions combine to maintain the effectiveness of your firewall, keep security updates available, and validate the warranty of your WatchGuard M440. If you need advice and/or pricing on your renewals and subscriptions contact us now.


WatchGuard M440 Datasheet