spamBlocker provides real-time spam detection for protection from outbreaks.



WatchGuard spamBlocker

Unsolicited spam is annoying and potentially a high risk issue for all organisations. Modern spam is host to bogus claims and sometime malware, either way the intent is to extract information from the victim that would otherwise be confidential.

Many recent attacks reference malware in email or malicious links host on websites linked to the spam as one of the causes of major breaches, you will recognise some of the follow examples:

  •     July 08, 2014 Apple Store – Your account has been disabled!
  •     June 16, 2014 HM Revenue and Customs – Automated Tax Refund Notification
  •     January 16, 2014Apple Store – Confirm Your Apple ID Account Information

Each of these untargeted attacks is preventable with WatchGuard spamBlocker.

spamBlocker provides real-time detection and instant protection from these types of email. spamBlocker comprehensively distinguishes legitimate communication from spam, blocking nearly 100% of unwanted emails.

Quick Facts

  • Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) technology to detect spam outbreaks as they emerge
  • Block spam regardless of the language, format, or content of the message
  • Gain an additional layer of real-time anti-virus protection
  • Near zero false positives – Stop false positives and get important, legitimate emails
  • Works on both SMTP and POP3
  • Single device for managing all of your gateway security
  • Licenced per box rather than per user reduces cost in almost every case

Data Sheet

WatchGuard spamBlocker Overview

Strong Protection

Patented RPD™ technology in the Cloud provides spamBlocker with the only effective anti-spam solution for low footprint appliances. Up to 4 billion messages per day reviewed.

Flexible Administrator Control

Works on both SMTP and POP3. Administrators can decide how messages will be processed and can block, allow, and tag mail for easy identification and forwarding to dedicated Exchange folders.

Additional Anti-Virus Defense

Gain an additional layer of real-time anti-virus protection as RPD technology identifies and blocks emails carrying viral payloads.

Spam Quarantine

Users can create a safe, full-featured quarantine for spam, bulk mail, and suspect email messages. Granular control allows for custom configuration.

Far-Reaching Coverage

Block spam regardless of the language, format, or content of the message – even image-based spam that other anti-spam products often miss.

Optimized for Better Network Performance

Requires minimal bandwidth and CPU power because most of the processing is done outside the Internet gateway.