XTM 870-F

The 800 series is recommended to meet the needs of midsize to large businesses that are looking for the next-generation of network security combined with comparatively fast throughput and advanced networking features.


WatchGuard 870-F

The WatchGuard Firewall XTM 800 Series stand apart from its competitors due to its performance-driven security and economical pricing. This range of firewalls incorporates must-have services like Application Control and IPS, as well as a wide range of other security features to give businesses full protection. With up to 6.5 Gbps firewall throughput, ten 1-Gb interfaces, and XTM-class security features including full HTTPS inspection, optional URL filtering, anti-spam, and anti-virus – there is no need to compromise on security to meet increasing network demands. Flexible, centralized management tools provide administrators with access to one intuitive console or a scriptable CLI, and include real-time monitoring and rich reporting.

Quick Facts

  • Application-layer content inspection recognizes & blocks threats that stateful packet firewalls cannot detect
  • Even with all XTM security subscriptions enabled, throughput can reach over 5 Gbps throughput – the best in the industry
  • To maximize port utilization, any of the fourteen ports can be configured as Internal, External, or Optional
  • Multiple VPN choices for flexibility in remote access
  • Upgrade to a higher model within the line for more performance and capacity with a simple license key

Data Sheets

WatchGuard 800 Series Datasheet
WatchGuard Dimension Datasheet
WatchGuard UTM Product Matrix
WatchGuard XTM Security Subscriptions Datasheet

Outstanding Performance

XTM 800 Series devices have screaming-fast throughput, even when optional security subscriptions are enabled. And those are the numbers that really count!

Unified Security in a BYOD Environment

Open the door to limitless productivity with tools to connect your people securely, even when they use personal devices like iPads and Androids. Anywhere, anytime secure access is today’s greatest competitive edge.

Always Know What’s Happening on Your Network

Pinpoint significant network activities to take immediate corrective or diagnostic actions directly from the interactive, real-time monitoring. Nobody provides better network visibility than WatchGuard.

Easily Manage Many Appliances

Distributed organizations and MSSPs will especially appreciate the intuitive tools that support policy creation, management, and enforcement across multiple locations.

Comprehensive Protection

Best-in-class security services boost protection in critical attack areas, including gateway AV, URL and web content filtering, intrusion prevention, app control, and spam blocking.

Quick and Secure Setup

Take advantage of innovative features like drag-and-drop VPN creation and RapidDeploy technology to make fast work of extending your network.

High Port Density

Fourteen 1Gb Ethernet ports support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures, as well as gigabit WAN connections. Need fiber support? XTM 870-F includes eight 1Gb fiber ports.

An Investment in Your Security

Model upgradability ensures your network security investment is protected with the ability to easily upgrade its performance, capacity, and security capabilities as business requirements change and new threats emerge.

Advanced Networking

WatchGuard’s advanced OS provides active/active high availability with load balancing, dynamic routing, VLAN support, and multi-WAN failover to ensure reliability.

Application Control

Control the use of Web 2.0 and other applications on your network for tighter security, better use of bandwidth, and greater productivity.

3 Ways to Manage Your Appliance

Choose how you manage your WatchGuard appliance, using WatchGuard System Manager, the command line interface, and a web UI for access from anywhere.