WatchGuard Fireware Essentials

Training Centre Status:    Active
No. of Training Suites:      Two
No. of Trainers:                  Two
Course Availability:           Dates available on Request
Event Locations:                Our Head Office in Yorkshire, at your offices, or at one of our scheduled events
Max attendees:                   Five

WatchGuard Training

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Sec-1 Ltd offers the latest WatchGuard Fireware Essentials technical certification exam and three Technical Competency exams:

  • Firewall Policies
  • Network and Traffic Management

Each of these components cover all the necessary functions that you will require to successfully administer your WatchGuard product and will provide you with officially proctored exam certification.


To successfully complete the WatchGuard Training and WatchGuard Fireware Essentials Exam, you must understand these key concepts:

  • Fireware Knowledge
  • Firebox and XTM device activation and initial setup
  • Network configuration
  • Policy and proxy configuration
  • Subscription services configuration
  • User Authentication
  • Device monitoring, logging, and reporting
  • Branch office and mobile VPN configuration

General IT Knowledge

  • IPv4 networking concepts (DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, NAT, static routing)
  • General understanding of firewalls

Who should attend?

WatchGuard Training for system managers applies to all administrators of WatchGuard XTM Series, M Series, T Series appliances and/or users of Version 11.x  or higher of WatchGuard Fireware software.

Instructor Led WatchGuard Training

As recommend by WatchGuard, all Sec-1 Ltd WatchGuard Training Courses are led by Authorised and Certified Training Instructors. With over 15 years of experience in WatchGuard, 100’s of installs performed, and as part of a highly skilled Information Security Technical Team you will be sure to leave with all of your expectations met and a wealth of new ideas that will help you manage your firewalls and networks.

Lab Based WatchGuard Training Environment

Regardless of the location of the training Sec-1 Ltd prepares a fully working WatchGuard training lab environment for you to practice and test your skills on. Showcasing the latest WatchGuard Technology, Firmware, and add-on modules you will learn how to configure, use and interpret the latest in WatchGuard Fireware functionality.


Sec-1 Ltd scheduled WatchGuard Training courses are held at either the Head Office in West Yorkshire or at venues around the country. Onsite courses are available on request. For a full schedule of events and locations please visit the events calendar here.


The WatchGuard training course builds your knowledge on the key areas needed to pass the Fireware Essentials Exam. Categories and skills covered include:

Category Skills
Device Administration Configure and install a Firebox or XTM device with the default security settings
Connect to Fireware XTM Web UI
Edit a device configuration in Policy Manager
Install a feature key
Upgrade and downgrade Fireware XTM OS
Create a device backup image
Enable remote administration
Configure role-based administration
Understand the default threat protection features of Fireware
Authentication Configure Firebox authentication for users and groups
Configure user authentication with a third-party authentication server
Device Monitoring, Logging, and Reporting Use WatchGuard System Manager and Firebox System Manager to monitor a device
Use Dimension to monitor a device
Run diagnostic tasks in Firebox System Manager
Set up a WatchGuard Log Server
Enable logging to a Dimension Log Server or a WatchGuard Log Server
Review log messages generated by a Firebox or XTM device
Understand how to enabled logging for reports
Networking and Network Address Translation (NAT) Configure an external, trusted, optional, or custom interface
Configure secondary network on an interface
Add a static route, and read the Route table
Configure WINS and DNS, and why this is important
Understand when to use dynamic NAT, 1-to-1 NAT, static NAT, NAT loopback
Configure dynamic NAT, 1-to-1 NAT, and static NAT
Policies, Proxies, and Application Layer Gateways Understand policy precedence
Understand the function of the default firewall policies
Understand the function of incoming and outgoing proxy actions
Configure policies for different users and groups
Configure Firebox authentication for users and groups
Configure a Firebox to use a third-party authentication server
Subscription Services Configure Application Control, WebBlocker, spamBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, Data Loss Prevention, Reputation Enabled Defense, and APT Blocker
Virtual Private Networking Understand the differences between the three branch office VPN types
Configure a manual BOVPN between two Firebox or XTM devices
Use log messages to troubleshoot a branch office VPN tunnel
Understand the differences between the four mobile VPN types
Configure Mobile VPN with IPSec and Mobile VPN with SSL
Configure authentication for mobile VPN users

Exam Description


60 multiple choice (select one option), multiple selection (select more than one option), true/false, and matching questions.

Passing score                 75% correct

Time limit                      Two hours

Reference material       You cannot reference printed or online materials during the exam.

Test environment          This is a proctored exam, completed at the training centre


The Fireware Essentials instructor-led course is recommended, but not required.