Who we are

247watchguard.com is a WatchGuard Platinum Partner brand of Sec-1 Ltd, a UK researcher, innovator, developer, and provider of IT Security products and services to all sectors. We owe our existence to our clients therefore we take great pride in our work, dedicating our efforts to seeing that they have best possible products and services.

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What we do

The connection between a secure network and a well-implemented firewall is well understood. We believe that it should be a given. It is our aim to provide every customer with a firewall that not only protects them from current threats but has the capacity to evolve, to protect them & their customers for years to come.

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How we do it

We love to talk, not because we love the sound of our own voices but because it helps us understand your needs. Our commercial team are here to help. Where their knowledge stops our technical team, second only to WatchGuard in its awareness of the products capabilities, step in. You are in safe hands with us.

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WatchGuard Platinum Partner

Established in 2001, Sec-1 Ltd have been ever present in the top 3 of WatchGuard Partners in the UK and since 2015 we have been  in the exclusive group of resellers to be awarded  Platinum Partner status.

Our goal is and has always been to ensure that you can buy the best security technologies and services for your investment. We have built a technical and commercial team that are able to operate almost independently of vendor interaction such is our knowledge and experience. What we deliver is good price products and securely installed technology.

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