Keeping Your End Users Safe from Phishing Attacks

Phishing emails can lead to loss, and whether financial or reputational, the threat is considerable. You need solutions that protect your users, and one that educates them when they make a mistake. WatchGuard DNSWatch detects malicious DNS requests and blocks access to these websites, instead directing the user to a safe page that educates them about the risk and warning signs of a phishing threat. Educating users is a very effective way of engaging them about Phishing risks and reducing them, as well as teaching users about the value of multi-factor authentication.

Key Features

  • DNS level detection to block malicious DNS requests
  • Automatic protection is provided against Phishing attacks
  • DNSWatch provides immediate Phishing education to users after an attack to increase awareness
  • DNSWatch provides detail on the attacker, attack type, and attack goals without the need to search logs
  • DNS is a Cloud-based solution
  • Works with Reputation Enabled Defence and WebBlocker to block malicious threats

Defend Against Phishing

90% of all attacks on your network start with a phish, so it is vital that IT administrators and Managed Security Service Providers have the right tools in place to protect their end users from phishing attacks. WatchGuard DNSWatch is included within Total Security and adds another layer of protection by monitoring and detecting outbound DNS requests and by blocking malicious ones.

Education at the Time of Attack

End users are a vulnerability within your IT security. If users are not trained properly, not paying enough attention, or succumb to a sophisticated, well disguised phish, a successful breach could severely damage your organisation. DNSWatch protects against the click and immediately educates with on-the spot training to increase and reinforce phishing awareness.

Extend the Reach of Your Team

Your time is valuable, and educating users takes time. Turn on DNSWatch and you will automatically benefit from additional phishing protection and the education of your users and you get full analysis sent to you by email.

How DNSWatch works

WatchGuard DNSWatch works by monitoring outbound DNS requests and correlating them with an aggregated list of malicious sites. If found to be malicious they request are blocked and the user is redirected to a safe site that reinforces phishing awareness.

Claranet Cyber Security

The Claranet Cyber Security Difference

When it comes to maximising WatchGuard products and integrating robust and secure solutions, Claranet Cyber Security has the edge. Designed to meet the needs of specific sectors, types of organisations, and compliance standards, our tailored solutions are trusted by leading private and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

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