Intelligent, State-of-the-Art Network Security

Nothing stays the same in network security. Threats evolve minute by minute and much can change year to year. That’s why WatchGuard’s network security platform is architected on security-hardened WatchGuard Fireware® operating system (OS) with the flexibility to build the solutions on top to counter whatever threat comes next.

This approach delivers:

  • The most efficient scanning possible with next-generation proxy technology efficiently assembling payloads from network traffic
  • Optimised inspection speed, including encrypted traffic enabled by a multiprocessing engine coupled with an efficient hypervisor
  • A modular approach enabling integration with the industry’s leading security engines and evolving layered security services to address new kinds of attacks
  • Faster detection and response rates to unknown threats through artificial intelligence advances that learn to spot patterns quicker.

Spotlight on the latest WatchGuard update
Fireware 12.4 – what’s new…?

The 12.4 release of Fireware OS is available for all Fireboxes and continues WatchGuard’s commitment to building out its SD-WAN roadmap. WatchGuard Firebox provides SD-WAN capabilities that allow you to easily assess link quality, balance traffic between different WAN connections, prioritise traffic based on application priority, and quickly deploy in new locations. Fireware 12.4 introduces several enhancements to WatchGuard’s SD-WAN and security capabilities, including:

  • SD-WAN for VPN and Private Lines:Extends SD-WAN benefits to more than just external WAN connections, allowing organisations to cut back on expensive MPLS connections. You can now measure loss / latency / jitter on virtual interface VPNs and internal interfaces.
  • DNSWatch in Bridge Mode:Full DNS security applied in WatchGuard’s simplest deployment option where the Firebox does not act as a gateway.
  • Syslog export to two servers:Simultaneously send logs to two different syslog servers. Enables export to 3rd party Security and Event Management ( SIEM) and a local syslog server for log retention.
  • TLS 1.3 Support:Continued compliance and support for latest standards with full inspection of HTTPS traffic using TLS 1.3.

WatchGuard continues to deliver additional value with Fireware 12.4, making it easier to exchange information between systems and enhance your network with improved performance and lower costs. Best of all it’s available to WatchGuard Firebox customers with active support licences for no additional cost.

Changing the Network Security Game for Good

Network security devices are a critical network control point – essential for security and enabled with a full suite of networking and redundancy capabilities so your network is always on and always reliable. That includes SD-WAN dynamic path selection, quality of service (QoS) and high availability – including active/active failover.

Fireware enables an intuitive user interface and central management controls that are consistent across every WatchGuard security device in your distributed network, as well as WatchGuard Cloud Visibility for actionable logging and reporting.

Claranet Cyber Security

The Claranet Cyber Security Difference

When it comes to maximising WatchGuard products and integrating robust and secure solutions, Claranet Cyber Security has the edge. Designed to meet the needs of specific sectors, types of organisations, and compliance standards, our tailored solutions are trusted by leading private and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

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