15% OFF
Firebox T10

For a limited time, protection for your company and all its data is within reach more than ever before. Receive 15% off the Firebox T10 which offers enterprise-level security at a small-business price.

Save on upgrade from Basic Security to Total Security

Existing WatchGuard Firebox T Series customers can now move to enterprise-grade protection by upgrading from Basic to Total Security and save 15% while retaining credit on any unused services.

WatchGuard Red Instead

Trade in your old security appliance from any manufacturer for a 3-year UTM Security Bundle and you’ll pay only for the services. It’s like getting the WatchGuard appliance for FREE! Easy setup, instant protection.

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Qualifying UK government, education, and non-profit institutions can earn an additional 20% off when purchasing WatchGuard products to secure their networks. Not applicable with other promotions.

Customer Loyalty
Trade Up Program

Current WatchGuard customers can earn up to 25% off when trading up to the latest Firebox or XTM technology. The WatchGuard Customer Loyalty Trade Up Program allows you to keep one step ahead of evolving threats.

Total Security for Less

Enhance your security. Get nearly 30% when buying an M300 with a 1 or 3-year Total Security Subscription, including any trade up or trade in devices. Not applicable with other promotion.

High-Availability offer

If you already have a currently active M300, M400 or M500 you can get a High Availability appliance with 50% off. High availability limits a single point of failure in your network.

Save 15% on Total Security

If you already have a T or M WatchGuard Device with Basic Security this is an excellent opportunity to upgrade to Total Security to gain increased protection at a discount.

Claranet Cyber Security

The Sec-1 Difference

When it comes to maximising WatchGuard products and integrating robust and secure solutions, Sec-1 have the edge. Designed to meet the needs of specific sectors, types of organisations, and compliance standards, our tailored solutions are trusted by leading private and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

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