WatchGuard and Claranet Cyber Security ensure gaming companies win in the battle against the growing scourge of cyber-attacks

The popularity of consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation, increased fibre penetration, and the fact that we all now have a mobile phone in our pocket have all revolutionised the online gaming industry. However, with its popularity has come a heightened concern over how the industry can provide an immersive gaming experience, whilst also ensuring that players are kept safe from rising information security threats.

The gaming industry needs to take lessons from others that hold a wealth of sensitive data – like healthcare or banking. To provide a safe gaming environment, the industry needs a strategy that goes beyond simply what services to offer to become one that considers the technologies, processes and governance structures that will ensure players will be protected from the scourge of advanced and growing threat vectors.

To ensure that customers are protected, firstly you need to understand what the data is, where it is stored, how it can be accessed and how it travels around your network. Placing a digital moat around the data is no longer enough. Today it is – alas – not a matter of if, but when you will suffer a cyber-attack. Therefore, it is far better to implement a risk-based approach, integrating risk management activities across functional and service lines to mitigate the impact of any future cyber-attack.

WatchGuard and Claranet Cyber Security can undertake an audit of your systems to ensure that you have the right information security solutions in place and then underpin them with policies and processes to mitigate the threat further.

Claranet Cyber Security

The Claranet Cyber Security Difference

When it comes to maximising WatchGuard products and integrating robust and secure solutions, Claranet Cyber Security has the edge. Designed to meet the needs of specific sectors, types of organisations, and compliance standards, our tailored solutions are trusted by leading private and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

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